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Stendo Pre-Order

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Part Number: Stendo
Availability: Pre-Order - This item will be available on 6/20/2020. Free Shipping.

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Our first 100 extensions will have unique serial numbers engraved. 


The Stendo telescoping shotgun extension addresses many of the downfalls of running a magazine extension past your barrel. The two-part design sits flush with the end of the barrel until the last 3-4 shells are loaded, which push the extension out to the full length.


This action allows the shooter to know when they're close to full capacity to avoid grabbing extra shells and provides a better visual on how many shots are left. As the shotgun is fired the tube will collapse down with each shot until it is flush with the barrel, keeping the overall length down a majority of the time.


An often-overlooked issue with high capacity magazine tube extensions is that when installed on the gun, it will no longer fit in its gun case. This leads many people to remove and install their extension for transport. The Stendo saves time and effort in this case without sacrificing capacity.


  • Carbon fiber and aluminum construction keep the weight low, the longest size (26" long extended, +11 capacity) weighs in at only 5.9 Oz. lighter than traditional aluminum and steel extensions.
  • Compatible with Nordic Components adapter nuts (sold separately)
  • Includes High visibility aluminum follower and extended inner spring.

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