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Receiver Rod AR-15

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APS Inc receiver rods are a must have for builders, saving time and effort. Reaction rods directly contact the steel extension rather than the aluminum upper which reduces the chance of damage to the uppper. Just place in a standard bench vise and slide your upper over it at a variety of angles, fast set up time makes it a pleasure to use over traditional clam shell style blocks. 


  • Fits AR-15s upper receivers with standard chambers such as .223/5.56/300 Blackout
  • Made in the USA
  • Hardcoat anodized 6061 aluminum ensures no marring of the upper receiver or barrel during assembly
  • Great for installing the barrel nut, handguards, flash hiders, scopes and more. 
  • Faster set up than traditional receiver blocks. 
  • Redirects torque force through the steel barrel extension. 



Recommended torque 50-70 Ft/lbs

Do not exceed 100 Ft/lbs

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