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Receiver Rod AR-10

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APS Inc receiver rods are a must have for builders, saving time and effort. Reaction rods directly contact the steel extension rather than the aluminum upper which reduces the chance of damage. Just place in a standard bench vise and slide your upper over it at a variety of angles, fast set up time makes it a pleasure to use over traditional clam shell style blocks. 


  • Fits AR-10s upper receivers 
  • Features extra locking block on top for high torque jobs, can be removed as well.
  • Comes with nylon carry bag.  
  • Hardcoat anodized aluminum ensures no marring of the upper receiver during assembly
  • Great for installing the barrel nut, handguards, flash hiders, scopes and more. 
  • Faster set up than traditional receiver blocks. 
  • Redirects torque force through the steel barrel extension. 



Recommended torque 50-70 Ft/lbs

Do not exceed 100 Ft/lbs

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