Furniture Fitment Guide


Skyler Shinn

Date 12/27/2020

Will a standard fitment fit on a palmetto state AK47?

Seth Anderson

Date 12/27/2020 10:58:41 AM

Yes, PSA AKs are standard fitment for furniture.

Keith Wideman

Date 1/21/2021

Do you make these to fit a vepr-12 or would I just have to modify it?

Seth Anderson

Date 1/21/2021

VEPR-12s use similar furniture to RPKs. I don't make that fitment. Here's a good forum thread I found with lots of info and options


Date 2/19/2021

I’m trying to find a Romanian RPK Style stock to fit my Yugo M72B1. Is that what the Yugo option means for your Rpk Stock?

Seth Anderson

Date 2/19/2021

Yes, the title of the product refers to the design or style. The fitment determines what guns it will fit. So you'd want an RPK stock in Yugo fitment if you wanted a clubfoot/russian looking stock on your Zastava.


Date 2/20/2021

It says does not include milled receivers but I’m assuming this doesn’t apply the case of the Sam7SF?

Seth Anderson

Date 2/20/2021

I believe you would have to remove some material to have the lower handguard fit. Our stocks won't fit.


Date 3/28/2021

Is the Century Arms VSKA considered standard fitment?

Seth Anderson

Date 4/28/2021 7:23:49 PM

Yes, VSKA is standard fitment.


Date 4/28/2021

Do you make a stock set that will fit a norinco nhm91? Looking for RPK style.

Seth Anderson

Date 4/28/2021 7:34:08 PM

No, NHM91s have smaller inner receiver dimensions, Some material would need to be removed from a standard stock to fit. This is the forum thread I referenced.


Date 5/9/2021

I have a century international M72 RPK. Will the standard fitment work for my rifle? Thanks.

Seth Anderson

Date 5/9/2021 6:47:52 PM

Yugo fitment will work with that.


Date 5/10/2021

I have a few questions. #1 What about Chinese AK fitment? Will your buttstocks work? #2 Or Chinese NHM91 Fitment, will the RPK work on that rifle? #3 What is best way to stain or dye the wood to make look like Chinese Chu Wood Orange stocks? Thanks

Seth Anderson

Date 5/10/2021 9:56:08 PM

#1 Kind of, Chinese Ak's use thicker material for the receivers so they're smaller internal dimensions. This means some material will have to be removed from a standard fitment stock to fit. Also it must be a flat back receiver. #2 Yes,See 1. That's a flatback. #3 I'd probably go with 1-2 coats of stain (Pecan color might be close?) and 1-2 coats of clear Shellac. I can include some scrap parts if you'd like to try colors on them, just leave a note on the order.

Nathan J Ferrise

Date 5/23/2021

I am going to buy one of your pkm stocks on my zastava m70 1.5mm reciever. Does the yugo fit have the through-bolt hole for the stock bolt?

Seth Anderson

Date 5/23/2021 12:35:28 PM

Yes, a special bolt is included with the Yugo PK-47 stock to attatch it to the gun.

Brandon Denny

Date 5/28/2021

Wanting to buy a TON Stock, but need to know if it will fit a Lynx-12

Seth Anderson

Date 5/28/2021 2:41:24 PM

Standard fitment stocks will work with Lynx 12 shotguns. I don't beleive handguards are compatible though.


Date 6/26/2021

Does standard yugo handguards fit a m91?

Seth Anderson

Date 6/28/2021 3:56:16 PM

No, It might with modification but I don't think it will be a drop in fit.


Date 7/3/2021

What fitment do I need for a Romanian RPK? Specifically the BFPU rifles that AtlanticFirearms offers

Seth Anderson

Date 7/3/2021 9:11:11 PM

My standard fitment stocks will work, but RPK handguards are different, I don't sell those.


Date 7/3/2021

What does the rear of your RPK stock look like? From the pics, it appears that the corners are cut off the rear of the stock.

Seth Anderson

Date 7/3/2021 9:12:07 PM

It uses a standard round AK buttplate instead of the rectangular RPK one. So the corners are rounded down to meet the buttplate shape.


Date 7/4/2021

Will the dong lower fit zastava zpap m70 and do you have upper in same wood

Seth Anderson

Date 7/4/2021 6:55:39 PM

Yes, Yugo fitment will work with a Zpap M70. The uppers are made of poplar, which is very close to the birch laminate in color.

John Caldwell

Date 7/8/2021

I do definitely want the standard dong if classic won’t fit my zastava zpap m70 rifle. I already put in order for the classic dong so what do I do now? Can you change it before it’s shipped?


Date 7/16/2021

Are Romanian wasr 10's considered standard fitting?

Seth Anderson

Date 7/16/2021 11:30:44 AM

Yes, that's standard fitment.

John Caldwell

Date 7/19/2021

Getting curious when I should be expecting the handgrip

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